Abraham Lincoln’s Tough-Love Letter to His Step-Brother About Laziness and Work Ethic

Brainpickings: Link

As an unemployed adult, I’ve no other option but to be depended on my parents for covering my bills. I’ve tried to imagine an extremely terrifying future where I would still be unemployed and be depended on my parents for my financials. In that scenario, will I let go off my self esteem and come in terms with my lack of inclination to find work or will be cursing myself every moment for letting myself and my parents down? These scenarios are the real life equivalent of your lead actor’s death midway through the movie. You may lose the motivation to watch and would want the movie to get it done with. If life was a movie, it is a scary thought.

Abraham Lincoln rises up to the occasion through a powerful letter for his step brother, who is likely to have felt the same as he lost will motivation to work and lead a purposeful life. To shed light on the harsher realities of life and inspire him to punch above his weight to overcome the same. A rocky-esque figure who helped him to pick him up, when he thought he lost everything. All of us may not be lucky enough to have a brother like Lincoln, but we all can strive to summon the inner Lincoln from the depth of our consciousness and help him to read aloud those words of wisdom, in the halls of our inner self. World is what we make of it!


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