A commentary on the article – ‘Why India has a big problem, and it’s got to do with small cities’ appeared on Economic Times written by By Ruchir Sharma.

URL: Original Article Link

Recent b238_astudies have shown that 4 of the big metro cities of India shoulder 17% of Indian population. This provides evidence to the ongoing trend of rural migration but the question still remains whether standard of living of the migrants has improved as the result of the same. The article draws the attention of the reader to China’s developmental model through which cities like Shenzhen were able to rise with the help better infrastructural investment and transportational links. The author notes that only 2 cities in India could make the transformation from quarter-million city to one million city when compared to 17 such cities in US. No doubt this would reduce the population pressure on mega cities like New York and Washington. To sum it up, the author is calling for increased investment in second tier cities like Bhopal, Kochi etc which can handle a share of migrants who otherwise would have settled in megacities in search of jobs.



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