Cutlet love


It is time that cutlets are given its due by placing it in the gastronomic hall of fame. My love for it started since my father first took me to Indian Coffee House in the heart of Calicut city. It was one among my many memories attached to Calicut, a city famous for its eateries and its women folk who have mastered the fast disappearing art of pleasing your mind and your taste buds. But this time, it wasn’t Calicut but Trivandrum. A marvelous city that has registered its own place in history and in the hearts of its loyal residents. Over my stay of one year, I found the city to incredibly welcoming, having in store something for everyone.
Over this span of time, I came across a few good eateries that have made my meals special.
Steampot at pattom, Narayana bhavan at statue junction, imperial kitchen at devaswom board junction have left me with a fine aftertaste.
Today, I came across these cutlets at Tea stall near Aryas Restaurant at kuravankonam, a buzzing junction near kavadiar. To all my trivandrum friends who are yet to experience this culinary marvel, its never late to treat yourself with this wonderful snack.


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