Spirit of the beehive.


I couldn’t help but stop and soak up the sense of inevitability that surrounded a lazy evening at Kerala state civil service academy. 2013-14 has been a watershed year for the institution, which witnessed a large influx of aspirants across the country to the academy. I’m no big fan of the place, but it surely is as serene and calm as a hill station. It helps that the place is geographically far away from all the frenzy. During one of my many slothful moments, I happened to wonder, how similar the aspirant fraternity are to honeybees. Similarities are plenty. Their vigour and enthusiasm to survive and ability to cohabit in one beehive is a wonder in itself. We aspirants have come in terms with our future which has this nagging habit of repeating itself with higher monotonicity each year.
Over the years, academy has become a wholesale merchant of dreams. I hope it doesn’t crushed under weight of those dreams. Let the spirit of beehive be preserved.


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