The Cricketing Armageddon of RGNUL: The Birth of RGNUL Balotelli and the Agony of a Sachin Fan

To all those who were dosing off through high-octane action which shook rgnul cricket to the brink of loosing two of its finest stars on account of their ego issues. For the sake of their privacy, let me name them as ‘Big Boss’ (For his addiction to show of the same) and other as ‘Mr. Villa’ (For his uncanny resemblances with Spaniard David Villa). After a combined show of strength by the duo in the two-day test match against a weaker team captained by of yours truly, limited over matches had put them in separate teams. Big Boss who is arguably one of the most talented fast bowlers of the college, was on a carnage taking a Hatrick against Mr. Villa’s team and leading them to victory in the first match. But drama continued as Mr. Villa’s team came back strongly against Bigg Boss’s team in the next match as one could sense the pressure building up.

A series of events contributed to Big Boss loosing all his control as chirpy and annoying commentary from Mr. FIFA and Mr. Reddit continued to annoy the players and onlookers. Towards the end of the match Mr. Villa scooped Big Boss for a boundary for squaring the series and swaggered around like Mario Balotelli after a City match.Quizzical looks and words were exchanged. This for obvious reasons was too much for Big Boss to handle after squandering match. (Big Boss being a huge fan of SRT & Osho believes in humility and humbleness on the field and Sex off it)  It could not stop him from giving a moral science lecture to the charged up Balotelli. Overall the whole hoo-hah looked like the rgnul version of Sree-Bhaji Slap gate.


After going through all what I’ve posted, you must naturally loathing over my petty plan of action to take revenge on the team that once defeated mine. If we had a post-match conference or something, I would’ve clarified that it would be as silly as plotting against Arsenal for the fact that they were title contenders once. I’ve would like take you back to the post-match conference after the bashing Dhoni had given to the touring England Cricket Team wherein he said “Revenge is a very strong word when it comes to sport. I don’t think it should be used in sport. On one side we are speaking about spirit of the game and on the other side we are talking about revenge.”

P.S: According to the late night reports from Big Bosse’s trusted rommie, one could hear Boss mumbling “Das wicket milgaya” “Sachin is god” “Phuck, zyaada baat mat kar” shivering intermittently and was also reported of going to the restroom as many as seventeen times.


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