The Week That Went By At Sidhuwal

It would be an understatement if I limit myself by stating that it was one hell of a week that passed by. Not only it drained me out  mentally but made me endure 28 hours of sleeplessness for scrapping through the seventh semester. Not a day has passed by without cursing my decision to choose business law over other streams as I find that l fortunate ones who did, slack their way through the exams.

Through out my college life I’ve been wondering the reason why my mates are able to recall or pass exams convincingly despite the spending the number of hours and burning same amount of calories. Finally I got a break through; I figured out that it is about how good you are in making the preparation notes or making use of those final few hours before zero hour. After experimenting with a couple of new study hacks I’m finally able to recall the stuff that I’ve learned without much anxiety or fuss. The thought of returning back to Kerala and the grandeur visualization of fish curry thoroughly motivates me to run the proverbial extra mile to put in quantitative terms an extra chapter from a boring statute book at unearthly hour.

Opening of KFC at Patiala has had a quite a boastful impact among impoverished lot of RGNUL. Dining out which was viewed as tiring and expensive suddenly became glamorous alternative. ‘Chalo KFC chalte hain’ became the buzzword in no time. Well, that didn’t have any impact on Kamlu’s (our beloved college canteen-guy) business anyway, as he continues to make parantas (Indian version of western Pancake) as if it he born to do that. A Chai and paranta at Kamlu’s (RGNUL canteen) is still considered an integral part of rgnulite’s nightlife as it caters an ideal opportunity to RGNUL youth to give ears and add their share of spice to the latest gossip or indulge in light hearted name calling of (those ones concerning your mother, sister etc) your chai-dost from last night for the enormous progress he has made to cover the syllabus or a paper he published in his name while despising your pathetic self.

For my fellow law students I need to give no lecture on how painful itself to find an internship let alone one of your preference. For all the newbies out there, let me make it clear that seeking a professional internship is the biggest big annoyance, second finding a decent meal at sidhual. You’ve no occupational value unless you are acquainted with the jacks of the trade or you have used the firm partner’s mama’s second wife’s brother broomstick. I’ve made it a point to spend some quality time in exploring the news and views of the legal market. (Who Am I kidding? Just sending internship e-mails in bulk.)

Though my web habits are limited to FB-ing, Blogs and an occasional peek into Lifehacker, I came across this pretty decent website called Milliblog (, which follows a pretty helpful idea of giving a music review within 100 words. I suggest all of you to check it out.

I’ve also having some very ‘meaningful’ debates with eccentric and knowledgeable cricket followers on burning issues which might the way the game is played. Not to mention that these debates often end either in participants mouthing off each other or an outrageous display of physical strength over the giving rising to a painful moan which echoes around for a long time. Some of the topics that were discussed are given for your reference which are arranged in the order of absurdity,

  1. Whether Sachin should play 2015 WC or not?
  2. Whether Pathan is as good as Mithun?
  3. Whether Virat Kohli is the Indian Equivalent of Michael Clark?
  4. Whether Jadeja has surpassed Ashwin in terms of his total cricketing value?

Chalo then time for me to bid adieu. Oh wait, Did I hear “Sreesanth” somewhere? Ahoy,Time to start a debate!


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