Monsters of multiculturalism

What we saw in Norway can easily be set aside as a pressure release consequence of a certain group of fundamentalists or an attempt to purloin the economic advantages held by a certain group. But unfortunately, the reality is far from it. Contrasting from the fundamentals of Islamic Jihad, violence in European countries arise from a constant competition for labour and capital  between natives and the foreigners. The building blocks of multiculturalism is beginning to crumble as the weight of expectations which is attached by society paves way for its own doom. Natives are injected with the the genocidal myth of purity supported by their ever growing xenophobia for private gains. This wicked plan is further enhanced by tactical errors on the government’s part as they have started to put more and more control on the non-European labourers  restricting their free flow in EU and curtailing their liberty. These actions respectively give rise to monsters in both sides of the society creating Osama Bin Ladens and Breiviks making the society pay a heavy price for the premonitions that majority develop towards the minority (job stealers) and in turn the toleration of the minority’s hatred against the majority(second class citizens).

An percipient introspection would lead to a conclusion that these religious monsters are after all the children of our unexamined hatred…


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