New twists and turns of Indo-China Policy

India and China, two countries who stood as a beacon of hope for the third world countries are confused on how they are going to deal each other. They are admired by western nations for their stability and strong policies in the field of economics. Their growth is considered second only to miracle growth of south-east Asian countries in 1990s. They are ambitious and successful in their own way. In the backdrop of their meteoric rise in the past decade, it has become imperative that both the economic giants need to back each other up by bring transparency in their relationship. China’s border problems with India, China’s weaponry trade with Pakistan, India’s growing policy tilt towards the USA acts as roadblock to this relationship expansion.

Internal differences in China

There has been a growing difference in various sections of administrative machinery of China. Diplomats and other scholars in the field of foreign policy have been raising their voices for a more cordial relationship with India, which could mutually benefit each other in areas of terrorism, trade and environmental issues. Whereas the latter’s polemic was to engage India and view its rise with suspicion. They believe that India has hegemonic ambitions in the subcontinent and it’s high time that China did something about it. The Chinese inclination to provide financial other support to Nepal and Bangladesh should be viewed as clear indicative of China’s desire to emerge as the leader of the South Asia.

Growing Mistrust

With fall of Russia, USA has been acting as ‘world police’ for so long that they couldn’t stand some Asian country standing up with their policies sometimes against them. A growing mistrust between China and US can be felt as US is trying to create a crescent of allies including Palestine, India and Japan. I must say that media has been a bigger actor in manipulating governmental actions and policies. Media reports acted a fodder for governments to change ‘Trade with China’ to ‘Chinese threat’.

I believe in transparency. It’s no more a world in which a country can survive in isolation.  More dialogue underpinned by concrete actions might save the world from another cold war (who knows a world war?).


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