The idea of a law school

People change. The question is only at what rate? What catalyzes it?

Its very true that people change in along with their living conditions and the situations they are facing. On being a law student is somewhat keen in observing the behavioral qualities. Future benefit: Better understanding of your clients etc. etc.

Recently I visited Ram Manohar Lohiya National University of Law, Lucknow for a cultural and sports event. It was an excellent mixture of fun, entertainment and information. But what took me aback is their general response to situations. Even though there were a lot of students from the differently oriented classes, their outlook was very liberal in approach. I am not being prejudiced about the class differentiation that we are having in our institutions, but the very fact that some classes are being promoted because of their backwardness forced me took this view.  I was pondering over the reason why this trait is very visible is some and not in some? Well, talking about the quality of education and the crowd out there, i can’t really comment upon because four days is too short to make such remarks. Though there is one fact which makes them outstanding out of the rest, their infrastructure. Mind-blowing construction work along with some quality faculty is a fest to the scholars.Maybe the surroundings which you live in has a major role to play. According to my freak theory, the area of your classroom is directly proportionate to the broadness of your though process. Food for thought for all those who staunchly believes that probability of one being successful cannot be related to where they are from.

I was all time trying to relate all the factors which makes one’s career a successful one. Is it the reputation of the institution that you are studying which makes all the difference. Or is it the hard-work, which  you continues to profess and practice? Or is it the combination of luck and smart work, which gives you maximum result in the minimum amount of time. I wish there was a generalised instant formula of success.


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