Tada, kimi wo aishiteru ( I love you, only but you)

Tada, kimi wo aishiteru ( I love you, only but you)

Simply beautiful!

tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada kimi wo aishiteru

‘It was the only kiss and only love I have ever known’

This is only two words that can describe this movie. Just by telling you that, I cried watching this movie at the end and that too a foreign movie, you can imagine the impact it will have on the viewers. It describes love in its very best. A calm and sweet love story taken in the background of the college life, with every actor giving their best performances.

Japanese film industry which is famous for their horror flicks worldwide like Grudge etc produces a love story which will make you feel so realistic that you will feel like a character very near to them. Makoto (Tamaki Hiroshi) and Shizuru (Miyazaki Aoi) conveys a powerful message of life.

Makoto, the central male character of the story is an introvert who spends his time taking photos and developing it. He tries to stay away from the rest of the crowd because he applies certain medicine which makes him smell bad.

He meets shiziru coincidently and becomes very closely attached. Shiziru falls love with Makoto but Makoto likes Ryo Shirohama (Munetaka Aoki), a girl with whom he became friends with.

One day shiziru asks for a kiss from Makoto, which she wanted to take picture of and send it to photography competition. The same day the shiziru disappears. The story goes on…..

If this movie doesn’t make you weep, you have a rock hard heart. The main feature of the movie is not the overflow of the emotions but the reality of scenes and simplicity of Japanese life which can’t be usually found in other post-modern love stories.

The movie has a moral to tell:

  1. Love those who love you, because it is divine.
  2. Memories are only things which will follow us to death. So try to capture and enjoy it with both arms.
  3. Beauty of things can’t be taken for granted.

I am providing you with online links along with subtitles; please watch if you are wounded by love somewhere in your heart.

Watch online: Click Here- The movie has 7 parts uploaded in yahoo video


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