Carpe Diem into the public

Carpe Diem, RGNUL’s premier magazine goes into the public with more social responsibilty. Carpe Diem, has always  shown the patience to hear what the readers had to say. We have tried hard to put those valuable suggestions into practice.

The Exit polls is one of the bravest steps taken by the Carpe Diem since the change in its editorial board. We have got some brave, thought provoking as well as some hilarious, childish comments you would never expect from a law school student. I will be uploading the Magazine within few days. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. 

Finding faults of our own college. Bet you’ll love it. We found some crazy things during our quest for the unpardonable sins by RGNUL. First the Pub-like- music which was played for the past six months in RGNULweb site, drove the students crazy to that extend they started giving hot galis to the whole university.

Next one is more interesting, we found Google ads in opur college website nd too the ads of our rival law schools claimimg itself as the best law school of India. 

 ‘Readers are always glued to controversies than serious editorials, so sensationalize everything’. This is one lesson which i have learned during the short stint a the editor of my college magazine. It has been interesting experience overall.  

 Hombres and Muhjers….Sayonara..catch u nxt week………


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