The Mishra effect

Jab tak sooraj chand rahega mishraji ka naam rahega!!!!!!!!

Mishra unleashes a inspirational speech today on gadhiji which has the tempo for the comin political science classes. The discussion started with a biographical  speech by Ankur Mishra in gandhiji as requested by lectrurer of  political science, Sweta Dhaliwal, when the topic took a sudden twist into the ideologies of gandhiji and its criticism. the main issues where:

1. Whether Gandhiji was right in adopting a policy of non-violence and ahimsa as a medium of attaining indepence?

2. Is gandhiji a communalist?

3. Is gandhji a showman?

Misraji and Ngashyena came up with some storng pointsin suppourt of gandhian ideology by citing ceratin religious outbursts in indonesia and north eastern states in india.

Prateeka, Sukneet, Preetika, Rishabh, bhoomika and Nagesh were other active participants of the discussion.


One thought on “The Mishra effect

  1. yo jappie, i really like the way you put such a small thing- like a political science lecture, into a blog!
    respect man.


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