The Butt Bomb

RGNULites especially the State Boys Hostelites have their birthday celebrated in a special manner. The Butt Bomb Phenomenon!!!!

The celebration starts at around 11:55pm when the birthday boy, the unfortunate victim who has done a big sin of being taken birth on that day, is being pulled out of his room forcefully to the middle of the court yard which we have in our hostel.

Now the real celebration starts the self proclaimed gentlemen   hold their guy in a very gentle position that each limb of his is being turned into an angle of 45 (like that Mongolian Emperor Attila used to tear apart his enemies). Remember Vitruvian Man?????

The B-boy is being thrown into the air that number of times equal to his age. Each time when he lands back on to the hands of these primitive men, a stone hard kick is being landed in his whole of his back body (including the private parts). Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!

This continues till the victim vomits all the milk he has been drinking since he was born.

AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! Bachaoooooo!!!!!!!

The action continues the cake facial the cake which is said to be bought for cutting is beautifully smashed on the victim’s face and shaving cream on the victim’s head.  Imagine the guy’s plight; licking one own face…..Cho chweeeet…..hain na?????

There are some extra masala also…..

Catching hold of some guy beating the hell out of him till he agrees that it is his birthday. Poor chap, but then he will be crawling to his room.  This is what you call birthday blast!!!!!!!

RGNUL +Birthday = Terror

Birthday won’t bee same anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Confession: I am writing this post, couple of hours before the start of my so called birthday celebrations. There is saying in Bible

‘For sins that you do in this life, you will get the punishment in this life itself’



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