Better movie downloads

What is mi favourate hobby??????

Body building, martial arts, reading books etc. Ah!!! I missed the main one it is downloading. Getting something unknown to you from the internet is of great fun. Today I would like to share my little bit of knowledge with you.

Downloading movies can be done mostly through three ways.( Arranged according to easiness of the process.)

  • 1. Downloading through torrents. This method is most easy method. All you have to do is install a torrent client that is small software of some -500kb-into your system. Install it.

The popular ones are utorrent, bittorrent, azureus etc. Even though there is no much difference between the clients, I would personally prefer utorrent because among all others I have the capacity to overall even the heaviest of firewall settings.

The next step is to download the torrent file; you can search your file to download from any of the torrent search engines. My preference is Torrentz, isohunt etc

Download the torrent file of the movie, drama, music or games and open it in the installed soft.

 It will start downloading automatically and continue as long as you are connected to internet.

In a broadband connection getting the speed of 200kbps-400kbps it takes not more than 4hrs to finish a 700mb movie. Lesser the speed more the time it takes. (I know it is simple mathematics but a little explanation for the newcomers)

The advantage of this method is that you can download anything and everything in the world available in the internet.

This method works in the file sharing mechanism. The file in your pc is shared worldwide, in turn you can access the file needed for you from other systems also.

Limewire, Ares etc are the heavier versions of file sharing softwares.  It is more user friendly and easy to handle it makes your system slow and effects your internet also.

See you soon with other cool ways of downloading……………..


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