smelling war??? Its time….

The war is near. With Pakistan government just creating a drama for saving their face in the public, they have no way out unless they give a report on the attack plus 3 to 4 terrorists involved. With US and Indian joining hands in this issue it is imminent of war. India has already given the 48hrs deadline; Pakistan is reported to have declined it. This war should have happened back in 2001 when US attacked Afghanistan, they should have cleaned up Pakistan also, which has now turned into a breeding ground of global terrorism in the name of jihad.

Right now we are having problems of security both inside and outside. The important steps that should be taken:

  1. strengthening of intelligence services
  2. pressurizing Pakistan by getting the support of global society
  3. use military force if needed

US as you can see plays a double game it don’t attack anybody unless there is a profit motive, as we can see from what they are doing in Afghan-Pak border. We must not be naïve and should act making our position safe.

Its time that we must take bold decisions other wise coming generations will treat it as a historical blunder. ALL THE BEGINS DOES HAVE AN END


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