japanese relationships

Hot discussions goin on…..

where? what?

Mr. dxtr, Mr. playboy and Mr. ‘Arsenal fan’ is in dxtr’s room. They are discussing on relationships. Mr. dxtr says he is a good boy says no to affinal kinship for the time being. Mr. playboy says he has got seven years of experience and suggest everone to try out once.

Mr. arsenal says he has got the everthing but not the guts.

So guys whts the real problem of indian youth?????????

Tooo complex??????

Tooo simple????????????

To be frank i can tell something goin on in japan. The ‘proposal’ in indian language

scenario: school, college etc etc

CASE 1: u are a BOY

Girl is so sweet to you.She helps u out in cleaning( in schools its a jap tradition).choco in valentines day.gifts u something tru any of her frnd(too shy).uses words showing respect( they are too formal).Boys it is ur chance grab it………..

Case 2: ur are GIRL

sees the boy too often.invite u to have a walk back home.gift u something cute .choco in march 14 (boys chance now).A word of caution: Jap gals are very sensitive .no to harsh words….talk softly…..

NB: japanese guys and gals uses respective phrases everytime even to thier lover…so annoying…….


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