CLAT 2008 Reactions


The hottest topic of RGNUL, surely leaving RGNUL itself. Ask me why? With new technologies and new ideas on the block no one wants to hang their own future in uncertainties. With RMNLU graph raising no body wants to remain in a ‘national’ law school without any nationalness. Rumors of now are that many of the present lecturers are leaving the university in the span of not less than one year. With clat 2009 applications is gonna out in Feb, even rmnlu is good deal now. So start preparing for clat whole rgnul batch is behind you. By the way let’s have some nostalgia, the memories of clat2008 through video reactions

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

give your reactions comrades……………..


2 thoughts on “CLAT 2008 Reactions

  1. well,,,,,,,,,,,,,you right…but rather thn leaving RGNUL… should do something…………having a feeling of nationalism..ryt????
    may be one day u ll proud of it…..and i think you dnt knw d earlier situations of NLUJ, n others universities


  2. Is RGNUL as bad as you make it out to be… ?

    I met some students when I visited that uni and it seemed to be coming up quite well..

    – The Social Blog


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