dhak dhak go……….

After a hectic 60 hrs of moot court preparations and delivering the arguments in the dais today morning, a breath of relaxation for the time being. Many a times I feel like hitting mi head on the floor for releasing the pressure. Once u start reading law books, u can’t get full immersed like you are with Harry potter or Chetan bhagath. There is somewhere an inhibition inside our mind which resists us from going deep into it. Some formality, some unusualness……………..

Even though during those dark hours, I had some precious moments with my friends, ‘Nigga’ and Mani. We just discussed about home and about Mani who is repairing all the holes in his wallet. (Strict order from gharwallom, I suppose)

Niger was proudly speaking about pro-nazi, anti-black attitude. He loves being evil and he claims to be next Satan. (Secret: He even thought of stealing some other guy’s notes which he had prepared for mooting….intellectual property rights infringement)



U can find more about Nitin sharma aka nigga@



Every time we hear a train passing by is there an inner call deep from our heart. The sound of wheels is an echo of our heartbeat. That homely food, cool breeze and that nap in the backyard AHHHHH……….

We wait for exams but the calendar gives you a malicious grin. We wait and wait for that day that we will put last full stop to our papers.


But do you feel an air of blankness even in your home also????? Have you ever had the feeling of loneliness and despair?????

The crappy hostel food, all the bad jokes and rape attempts (A boy’s hostel secret) is being missed.

In Malayalam we have a proverb ‘akare ninnal ekare pacha’

It means when you are in one side of the world you feel the other is better. And this urge for more is indeed the driving force of all of us.

Sorry for being ultra-philos………….


We love the hostels and they are some memories which are the system files of our life which can’t be deleted…………………..

                                                                                        Signing off

                                                                                              Urs bagaboy



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