dham dhoom dham


Even teachers were helpless when the mass attack started around 1:30 in the night. The night was full of roars and the braking of glasses. It all started with two of vikram college guys hit a rgnul 3rd year student. All the 3rd years called for attack and the first years responded to it. All the rgnulians were on the one west side of the hostel with the entire armory they have got. Below Vikram College guys was also preparing for an attack but as soon as they came to know that they are small in number. With in minutes we were in downstairs attacking the rooms of the villains.

This grt incident may be one shameful incident for many of the officials. But this is one glorious incident which showed unity among the RGNUL walas.

The latest news is that the BAD guys have warned all those who have took the attack to their doors. It is reported that many who was in the forefront during the attack was crying with fear and went underground for help.

Much and much more to come…….

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