projects fever!!!


these things make our life busy. A demon coming in the middle of every semester making our life difficult. The most horrible part is that it will take toll on your health and mind even days before the start of the activity. sleepless nights,hours of research will go for nothing if we wont get that smile or nod from our respected ones. It is an international phenomenon which students facing all over the globe.So cruel rit?

i just wanted to introduce you to mi world of project vivas, as there is an unwritten rule that when u start projects, Intro should be a must.

We had English and Sociology today.

However first day of our project vivas went in a decent manner. Luckily we weren’t screwed as many others were.

Socio started in a shaky manner. Of course me making the mistake. she asked me about the definition of the title, which i wasn’t able to deliver it satisfactorily. Even my body and mind was taking toll of the anti-biotic for my fever which i am suffering for two days.

But, mi group members came to mi rescue giving valuable comments.They started at the same spot which i was goin to end. Our group had some equilibrium goin on. At the end of socio there was a review writing about the whole experience.We had to analyze the whole project and vivas make our note of it.

Being her birthday, socio ma’am was in a jovial mood,hope it will turn into marks as well.

Anyway, English went off quite well.We had to do the review on the book ‘inheritance of loss’ authored by Kiran Desai.We just had to explain about the main theme. The book, a terrifying novel of the recent times dealt with one judge J.M. Patel, educated in Britan who is settled in kalinpong, a city in Darjeeling in the state of West Bengal along with his granddaughter Sai, his cook and his dog.

The story moves very fast, relating the developed Western life with the underdeveloped eastern village life, mainly in the background of India-Nepal insurgency which is apparently the turning point of the story.

I suggest you this book as a wonderful book which you should read if you have some interest in understanding the history of India without studying thick gloomy history texts. You may have some preconception that award winning books are always boring i can assure you that in this case it is different it only demand you perfect concentration in reading. It can take you to the ecstasy that reading gonna give you

Sorry, i messed up the whole post taking you here and there, forgive as this is mi first one.

To conclude, five things you should be careful when appearing for project Vivas

  • Be consistent
  • Be alert;don’t lose yourself on your way
  • Try to approach the topic in the same way the person sitting before you does. Think acc to the teacher afterall she is the one who is gonna give you the marks.
  • Don’t be stubborn;flexibility is the key.
  • Be practical, don’t give hypothetical comments
  • Don’t speak the truth, unless the situation demand it

signing off,

gautam jayasurya


One thought on “projects fever!!!

  1. Yeah, confidence is the main thing. The teachers only tries to make out whether you’ve worked and if you convince her of that, you’ve won. Nice frist post, Jappie!


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